Roadtrip #essentials

Raise your hand if you have a road trip planned this summer!! Sometimes with kids, road trips are just easier (and by easier, I mean, CHEAPER). 

I just got back from a ten day road trip to OHIO to visit family, before our big move! We had an 8 hour drive, me and the two little ones, and you can imagine that I never left home without my essentials! 

Here's what we packed for IN the car:

1. Deep blue RUB - this baby goes on BEFORE we got in the car! When I have 8 hours ahead of me, I know I want stops to be fast and the drive to be as short as possible. Thus, sitting in the car can cause some serious aches.

2. Deep blue TOUCH and Past tense TOUCH - these babies are used while on the road. I don't want my hands to touch the rub when I'm actually driving, bc of course I need to be available for my road snacks, and I don't want to eat deep blue :). So I keep these two rollers in the console by me, in case of emergency. If I need to promote a sense of ease in my back and neck, I roll these on as needed.

3. On Guard Sanitizing Mist - we all know that public bathrooms are just GROSS. This hand mist is an easy, on the go, hand mist to purify hands and eliminate bacteria and germs safely!

4. Peppermint Beadlets (or oil) - if you're anything like me, reading or using technology while in the car can bring up some serious feelings of, well, blahhhhhhh. One pop of a beadlet in your mouth, or a sniff of peppermint oil will help promote feelings of ease! If you KNOW that you or your little one gets that queezy feeling, pop it before you go!

Our Must haves for staying out of your ordinary:

1. On guard TOUCH- truthfully, any of the touch rollers are a must on the go. But, when you are out of your ordinary, perhaps sleep, seasonal threats and routine are shaken up, so is your immunity. To support a healthy immune function, swipe this on yours and your families spine daily!* 

2. DigestZen TOUCH - When away from home, we tend to eat a little differently and thus need to support digestion of food and soothe occasional upset stomach (bloating and well ummmm....#3). Roll this directly on to your stomach as needed.

3. Serenity Softgels - as we get older, we get more stuck in our routine. So, you may have more difficulty finding restful sleep when you are not in your bed! Take one soft gel, 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep, to help promote calm and relaxing feelings and enjoy a restful nights sleep.

4. Lavender TOUCH - you're seeing the trend right? For any boo boos that happen from playing so hard, we have this on hand at all times! Lavender is know for its calming and relaxing properties and can soothe the occasional skin irritations.

5. Cheer TOUCH - this is my current go to for uplifting feelings! I rub the touch roller on my hands then swipe through my hands (thanks ANGE for the tip) to smell the incredible blend all day long!

6. doTERRA lip balm - warm weather means dry lips! Keep this lip balm in your bag to help soothe occasional dryness!

7. Breathe vapor stick - now this ones for my kiddos! Fitz seems to be most effected by seasonal threats and I like to stay ahead of the game! I rub this on his chest in the am and pm, to promote clearer breathing! 

*My family uses essentials PROACTIVELY! we support our wellness through daily use of essential oils and products to live our best life Everyday! 

Have any more #roadtrip tips? Share them with the #activeglow community!

Wishing you so much FUN, and wellness this summer!!