GURL, I'm gonna make you sweat!

Hey Hey Hey! Anybody out there struggle to put yourself through a workout? Ya’ll know my FAVORITE way to workout is in a class. That’s why I TEACH. The power of community is phenomenal! However, sometimes we go through phases (or our packages expire and we are working on saving money), so we decide to train at home! NOTHING is worse than walking in to the gym WITHOUT a plan. I figured I could help out and just share the program I have been doing. A girlfriend and I have been accountability buddies - thank goodness! Or else I may not have stayed as committed these last three weeks. But, I figured there could be someone out there that needs a little help too!

This post is for you! I’m gonna keep it simple, but give you a few guidelines :). You’ll notice there are only THREE days of workouts. Here’s what I do. I go through the three in one week, FIRST week, do 12 reps of each exercise. Then week two when you repeat again, do 10 reps. Week 3, 8 reps. It is SUPER important that you WRITE down the weights and reps that you use so that you are actually building from where you left off!

ALSO, I HAVE been adding in CARDIO. (I know I know, you HATE cardio, me too.) But, one, we need it. Heart health is a thing! AND TWO, it can be some moving meditation - it for sure has been that for me these past few weeks. My go to is LOW INTENSITY STEADY STATE (LISS) cardio. I have just been jogging slowly anywhere between 30-45 minutes. I have not been able to pass that 45 min threshold just yet, but I may in the future. So I tend to set my week like this:








IF you struggle with commitment, GRAB a buddy! You will NOT regret it! IF you don’t know what the exercises are, you can definitely google it :). But, I hope in the future to add some images with this….but I’m currently just sharing my own plan! I’ll be mixing it up the next three weeks and plan to share that with you as well!

You’ll notice that there are TWO exercises together. I SUPERSET! So I do exercise 1, then 2, then 1, 2, 1, 2. THEN, move on to the next two exercises. I do this to increase my heart rate…. I like to do some interval training within my lifts (its just my preference). ALSO, if I am tired, or being lazy, I’ll also add in some sprints. EXAMPLE: DAY 1, I walk in to the gym DRAGGING. I jump on the tread and run for 5 min. Then do the first superset of exercises, jump back on treadmill for 5 min, or set a 1km run goal, then superset 2, run, superset 3, run, superset 4. There really is NO perfect way to workout, you have to find what works for you, and frankly sometimes you just gotta mix it up to kick yourself in the butt!

Let me know if you’re gonna give it a go! (TAKE some picts! Before you start, and then Sunday each week.) I find visual progress is SO much better than a scale (I don’t even OWN ONE hehehehe). Happy Sweating!


How to use Essential oils (aka plant magic) to support STRESS

Raise your hand if you have felt STRESSED??? Yea, me too. Here’s the deal with stress, it is KEY to survival. If you never felt “stressed", you would probably never get anything done. The issue is how we VIEW stress.

If we view something as stressful, our body is triggered to release certain hormones which can change our actions as well as mental experience and physical functioning. If we then view that stress as GOOD, it helps us get the thing DONE. BUT, if we view the stress as BAD, these same hormones can cause issues to our body. Fatigue, low immunity, headaches, depression, etc.

So how do we view stress as GOOD? We must first acknowledge if what we are worried about is REAL, or if it is something we have created. THEN, we must create SYSTEMS to support BOTH!

Here are my tips for acknowledging overwhelm (cough:stress):

  1. Eat the FROG. I legit don’t even know where Tom read this, but it was a game changer for me. Often we get overwhelmed when there is something we are avoiding. Some task(s) we need to accomplish. But just keep finding 103457629 other things to do instead. Thus leaving us with that same lump in our throat. The longer the lump, the more issues we can bring on to ourselves…EEEEEKKK! So what do I do? My go to? Grab some PEPPERMINT + WILD ORANGE. You can put a few drops in your diffuser, purposefully placed right where you can get the task done. OR you can add a few drops to a roller, if your a habitual avoider of things that must get done, keep it on you. In your purse or by your desk so you can roll it on your neck, under your nose, and near your temples when it’s time to do the thing!

  2. Take a BREATH! Are you the over scheduler? The over committer? Of course you feel overwhelmed, you are doing TOOOOO MUCH! Pull out your calendar, take a good look at it, what can GO? Yes, what can you STOP DOING so you can open up space to BREATHE! My tip: grab a bottle of BREATHE every night! Look at you calendar and list for tomorrow. WRITE DOWN THE THREE things that you would feel like a power house if you completed. THREE! And schedule them in (yes, this includes your workout). Then, put the other things on a side list (if you MUST) you get to them if you can, but if you don’’s probably because they aren’t in need of getting done and are just time suckers!


3. Where my worriers at? I know you’re out there (Bc I am one too). You worry about what MIGHT happen. You worry about what IF?! Well here’s the truth. We are not in control of all things. We do not know what will happen, but we are in control of how we SHOW UP for others and the world, we are in control of how WE react! When I feel myself, yes, the physical sensations, worrying like cray, I grab all my floral rollers and rub it on my forearms, I like to draw a shape of a ️heart and then my chest. Close your eyes and repeat to yourself: I am ok. We are ok. I am capable of hard things. (Over and over and over).

4. Find gratitude. When you feel overwhelmed, change the story. Instead of, ughhhhhh I have sooo much to do today, SAY: I am soooo grateful my calendar is abundant and I am blessed to have this many opportunities today. Instead of “why am I not where I want to be right now”, say, “I am so grateful I have learned so many ways that don’t work, as I am closer to finding the way that does.” It is MINDSET. CHANGE YOUR MIND AND YOU WILL CHANGE. I realized, only after I was drawn to this particular oil EVERY SINGLE DAY, the emotional support it offers. Grab WILD ORANGE essential oil, either simply smell the bottle, make a roller or diffuse ( I do all THREE REGULARLY). WO is the oil of ABUNDANCE! This oil supports soooo much; inspires abundance, fosters creativity, supports a positive mood AND restores physical energy — this is why I love it before workouts too! Get that energy MOVING!


Lastly, give yourself some grace. We put soooo much pressure on ourselves these days, unrealistic pressure and it’s time we stop. Begin to recognize the beauty in everyday, in every moment, and the fleeting realization that every day is a GIFT, anything can happen and I know that I do not want to be in my last days thinking I wasted so much time worrying. And give others GRACE. We are all one.

If you are feeling drawn to work together to get oils in your home, I am here. You can email,, you can message me on FB or insta. My goal is to walk hand in hand to support you living your best life too.